Special applications


In addition to the production of traditional telescopic covers our Technical Department is available for the design of bespoke applications to solve problems caused by the continual evolution of the machine tool, for example, traverse speed and large quantities of liquids.



Example of special telescopic cover for parallel lathe with double scissor and 5 rows of brass interlocking supports. These are used for high speeds as they guarantee smooth opening and greater tightness between the elements and a lower of twisting.



Example of special telescopic cover for a turnable standard milling machine. The cover must allow a stroke of 26 m so a double cover has been fitted in order to make it last longer and work better. Special attention has been paid to the problem of the watertightness of the elements by placing special gutters for liquid recovery between the boxes.




Example of special telescopic cover for hydraulic working machines. This solution completely eliminates the possibility of infiltration, as independent heat-sealed PVC bellows are fitted between the individual boxes. Alternatively, where there are 2 distinct surfaces for fixing on the guide, it is advisable to use a single bellows, which will open under the telescopic cover.


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