Overhaul of worn telescopic covers


To provide a complete service to the customer, Metal Gennari can overhaul, at its own head office and against a quotation, any telescopic cover (included the eventual replacement of every single item), whenever it’s possible and advantageous from an economic point of view.




1 - Repair or replacement of damaged individual element

2 - Replacement of the oil wipers in brass or PVC, if worn

3 - Replacement of runners, rollers, buffers, and any other part of the cover

4 - Cleaning and satin-finishing of each individual part

5 - Testing with our simulators and/or test benches

6 - Fast delivery, sometimes in just a week!



Should the cover be too damaged, or the reconditioning not be economically advantageous, Metal Gennari can offer a new cover built as a “sample”.


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