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Regarding work safety, Metal Gennari represents a leader company for the production of safety guards; continuous investments and the experience acquired in several years allowed the company to cover any kind of machine tool, by paying a particular attention to the aesthetics of the machine and the easiness of use for the operators. All the guards comply with the current USL regulations and EC directives, being also adaptive to customer's needs. To satisfy market demands and be updated to the ever-changing regulations, since 2011 Metal Gennari provides the EC CERTIFICATION service for the safety guards, as set by the directive 2006/42/EC; for this reason, the guard is delivered with an product use and maintenance manual, customised for every kind of guards.

The safety guards production (as for any other Metal Gennari product) is preceded by a tri-dimensional customisable feasibility study that, after a prior agreement with customer, allows to achieve a unique product tailor made on customer's demand and not on the machine; this means that the same machine can be covered in different ways, according to the different production needs or the aesthetic requirements that the customer wants for its machine tool.

Once finished the "tailored" production, before painting and delivering, every guards is assembled and tested at the factory to allow the customer to verify its correct functioning. Thanks to structural modifications to the floor (pit) Metal Gennari can test and show to its customers guards up to 10 meters tall.

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